Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Scorpio Z YAMAHA Modifications Picture

The consequences of the use of plates is very clear, it takes a long time to process. For example, yes the Scorpio-Z. To work on the tank and the stern, it takes 2 months.

The tank was taken from the Honda Tiger Revo. "In total only need one third the size of the sheet plate 1 meter square," To be muscular shape, started the center to the back of the cut-out. The remaining connected with a plate that has been formed.

Scorpio Z YAMAHA Modifications Picture

To the stern of the motor, manual process without a mold so that it can produce a compact design. In fact, pull the line and curve is perfect. "Some time had failed to make the perfect shape. More than one sheet of plate (to) get to the appropriate form," recalls motorcycle owners who use a modification of the plate is 0.8 mm.

When the body requires a period of two months, on the contrary, to redesign the framework was more rapid. Modifier admitted it took two weeks to re Destroy. Basic chassis made ​​from a round plate that consists of two types of different sizes. For the main frame, use a measuring 4.2 inches, while the chassis side, such as trellises, wear size 3.2-inch

Scorpio Z YAMAHA Modifications Picture

Scorpio Z YAMAHA Modifications Picture


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